Saturday, 17 March 2012

the ugly truth

arini ak nk share pengalaman ak yg sgt mmbosankan
pagi tadi da klas..(dats great, class at the wkkend...huh!!)
barely open my eyes n go to dat class, half awake
ruining my golden holiday :(
kind of piss me off..totally
but im recovered! wat a wonderful lies (just a crap of mine..nvrmind)
smlm ak start batuk n today, celcius keep rising..Ya ALLAH
pain..pain... n PAIN!! huuuu
utk hilangkan kesakitan, anime n muvi act as a medicines.
sedaq xsedaq da 3muvis in a row!! first tgk cita HUGO, gambaq dy superb..
n second is ITS KIND OF A FUNNY STORY, cita pasai sorg dak nih nk suicide tp xjadi
the last but not awesome wicked funny story = THE UGLY TRUTH
hehehe..2 jantina (of kos la Laki n Pompuan) yg berlawanan pendapat dlm pencarian soulmate
abby says: the big, strong, brave men dat we've all been reading in novels n muvis..dats a fallacy. dey dont exist. men are not strong. men are not brave. men are afraid.
mike says: dey say dey want true love but all dey want is a checklist. is he perfect? is he hensem? money over substance. looks over soul. polish over principles.
yeah...wat a gud say!!
dlm cta nih ak plg suka watak mike (aka Gerard Butler), smart doe
well..evnthough cita nih rekaan semata2 but we cant deny the truth that the truth is ugly (sometimes la..)

hope u'll watching it XD
n have a nice day~

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